Mexico Transgender Center or GRS Mexico is the best transgender attention clinic in Mexico.

Currently, we do procedures in Hospital Jardines de Guadalupe in Guadalajara Jalisco and Hospital de la Mujer y el Niño in Tijuana Baja California both are facilities fitted with modern medical equipment and highly-trained medical team dedicated to the patients’ wellbeing. The physicians at GRS Mexico analyze each patient’s specific needs and desires to be able to develop the perfect treatment and procedure plan.

The CEO and founder of GRS Mexico and Mexico Transgender Center is Dr. Ivan Aguilar, a renowned surgeon for Gender Reassignment. Dr. Aguilar is trained in Urology surgery, Neurology, Pediatric and Reconstructive Urology and Genital Reassignment Surgery, Dr. Aguilar was the first urologist in Mexico who used BOTOX for prostate and bladder pathology, pelvic floor diseases and dysfunctions and also to treat incontinence, inventor of the treatment for premature ejaculation using Botulinum Toxin BOTOX.

Dr. Aguilar joined hands with Dr. Carlos Mendez, a renowned plastic surgeon in Mexico, and together have started to offer international patients transgender and cosmetic procedures and techniques.

In March 2014, Dr. Aguilar met with the world-famous transgender surgeon, Dr. Marci Bowers, hence where he experienced an intensive surgical observership, Dr. Bowers has been named one of ‘America’s Best Physicians’ in 2002 and 2003, the only physician member of the Washington State midwifery Board, she is viewed as an innovator in gender confirmation/affirmation surgery, and is the first transgender woman to perform such surgeries. Since 2003 Dr. Bowers has performed more than 300 gender reassignment surgeries.

Dr. Carlos Méndez, co-founder of México transgender center is a renowned Board certified plastic and aesthetic reconstructive surgeon, he is in charge of the ICU Burn unit in one of the most important hospitals in Mexico, Centro Medico nacional de Occidente, his reconstructive and aesthetic skills helps him to provide the patient the best results in feminization and masculinization surgery.

Mexico Transgender Center, is the only center in Mexico and Latin America, that provides the mixed skills of a reconstructive urologist and transgender surgeon along a Plastic aesthetic reconstructive surgeon, to achieved the best results in GRS surgery, well known in the Latin community because of his results have being invited to important Latin-American TV shows like MOJOE, to speak about his techniques and results.


  • Initial consultation with your specialist
  • Surgical fees
  • Anesthesiologist fees
  • Operating room fees
  • Two nights hospital stay in VIP room
  • Nursing care while in the hospital
  • Meals while in the hospital
  • Medications while in the hospital
  • Take home medication
  • Ground transportation from AirPort-hotel, hotel-AirPort, hotel -hospital and back Nurse visits to change drape at hotel once a day
  • Post surgical garment


  • Airfare
  • Meals outside of the hospital
  • Traveling companion meals at the hospital
  • All pre-operative test fees before surgery (blood tests, EKG, Torax X-ray, etc.) must be done before coming
  • Preoperative evaluation by internal medicine, when patient above 40 years old
  • Additional night’s stay at the hospital
  • Tests and procedures relating to major complications


To book your surgery you need to make the 20% advanced payment deposit, to the PayPal account Once you make the deposit you agree to all the terms , and you are aware of this NON refundable payment , if you will like to rescheduled your surgery you can do it, the penalty fee is 500 usd to change surgery dates.

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