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Mexico Transgender Center
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by Jennifer D. on Mexico Transgender Center
Outstanding Results, Pain Free, Treated Like Family

I had 2 procedures, cheek augmentation and male to female vaginoplasty, the results of both of which are outstanding! I will talk of the vaginoplasty because it was the most life-changing and important and satisfying. My story is simple, like so many: since I was a child, I knew this was right. I had counselor upon counselor even tell me so. Finally, after numerous postponements due to injuries, job changes, lack of money at the time or other circumstances in my life, I finally was about to give up due to cost until my counselor mentioned that they were other options available to me. So I researched online and found so many positive things stated about Dr. Aguilar thought I would give his office a call. I chose not the cheapest doctor but the best and it still was 1/2 the cost of that in the States, which leads me to the most important thing I would like to mention.

Some patients are trying to find the cheapest and get the most bang for the buck--I was no different. I had contacted a doctor in India who may have done a great job, but he was more than willing to do all the procedures I wanted (which were way too many). What do I mean? Let me put it in perspective for you. Dr. Ivan Aquilar told me up front that he and his staff would be more than happy to do all the procedures, but that he couldn’t do all of them at the same time because it would risk my health—I could easily develop a blood clot leaving me dead or a vegetable—and that there was no money anyone could pay him to do that and that he would not do anything to jeopardize my health. This doctor put my health first. He wanted a happy, satisfied and ALIVE patient. When I spoke with my Primary Care Physician here in the states later about it, he stated that the doctor was absolutely correct and was certainly an ethical doctor. The bottom line is that had it not been for Dr. Aguilar, I may not be writing this review right now.

As for the results, I couldn’t believe how natural and normal it looks and feels (and I still have 5 more months for the final results for this kind of surgery). Furthermore, and I can’t express this any stronger, I never felt pain from the surgery to the present! This is unprecedented from the stories I have read. He has a technique which is phenomenal, and I swear on my honor, I never felt pain, nor did I ever experience incontinence or discomfort urinating! This doctor is the absolute best! His credentials speak for themselves, and he did study under Marci Bowers (the gold standard). As a person, I am so happy and whole mentally, physically and emotionally. None of this would have been possible without Dr, Aguilar. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will continue to use you and your staff for all of my upcoming elective surgeries, and I cannot express to you enough how grateful I am.

There are 3 other things I must mention. Firstly, immediately after my surgery, I was attended to by one of his nurses Angelica. She was there for the 24 hours watching vigilantly over me to ensure I had no issues. She stood there by me for 24 hours straight. If I stirred or rolled over, she would immediately pop up ad come to the bed side and ask me if everything was alright or if there were anything I needed. She was attentive to every need I had, and I cannot express how wonderful it was to get to know her and to have her care for me for that first day.

Secondly, I would like to inform the readers that I don’t know what you may have heard about hospitals anywhere, but I can tell you that the hospital in which I was operated on, CHG Hospitals, was the cleanest hospital I have ever seen in my life, and I want you t o know that I was a paramedic and saw a lot of things. I hate to admit it, but the States don’t have anything on this hospital. I have seen band-aids on the floor in hospitals in the US, and I have even seen doctors pick band-aids up from the floor after they had dropped them and use them. This hospital was so clean, I could put eyeliner on in the reflection of the floor. I could even eat out of the toilet. The food was excellent! I have yet to find a hospital that served food like that, and for those raised in the States, the food was not Mexican food, it was for anyone and it was good, the eggs, the yogurt, the salad, the melon—it was so good I was even tempted to eat the napkin! The bottom line is that Dr. Aguilar has the best staff, hands down, and will operate on you in the best cleanest hospital. He is a class act.

Thirdly, but most important of all, however, is that I would be remiss in my duty to neglect to mention the most meaningful memory I have from this life-changing surgery. Dr. Aguilar’s greatest asset, as he himself admits, is his Primary Care Nurse Yani. She picked me up at the airport and was there when I left to come back home (and I mean she walked me all the way to the security gate to ensure I got through to my gate and texted me to ensure I was ready to get on the plane. From the very beginning, Yani helped me check in to my hotel, and anything I needed, she went right to the front desk and ensured I had it. Yani helped me get the things I needed and took care of me like no nurse (or for that matter person other than my spouse) has ever done for me in my life, and I have had more surgeries than most people have years of life. Yani was more than a nurse—she, as the doctor said she would, became also my friend. She checked on my every day (several times) and when she wasn’t there, she still would check in with a text of phone call. She always was just a phone call away--no matter what time. Whenever I had any question, she was right there—she drove to see me no matter what the time was. She ensured I had the necessary meds at my disposal (antibiotics; anti-inflammatories; and even pain medication which, much to my delight, I never needed). She took such good care of me that she was more of a friend than a nurse, and I have to tell you that when you get taken care of by a doctor’s staff as if you were a family member, you have chosen the right doctor. Yani is an invaluable asset to Dr. Aguilar without which I would only have the wonderful surgery which he performed as a memory and not the lasting memory of the most wonderful life-changing event in my life which includes not just the surgery, but also the recovery—the most important part! This surgery brings so much fear and concern to so many and rightfully so! With such a nurse as Yani, not only were fears abated, but I was able to experience a joy through the healing process that brought a totally new meaning to the happiness of this entire life-changing event—a feeling which most patients would never experience. Where most would mostly feel relief that it was over, I found joy from day one, and my first days as a complete and whole woman are filled with joyful memories, fun times and a euphoria that could have only come from Yani’s kindness. I will never forget her and am grateful to her for all she has done.

My life changing event is so much more meaningful because of Dr. Aguilar and his staff. Please consider this doctor, even if it costs the same as something closer, because the result, the healing and most importantly the memories will be more than you could pay for.

by Rachel Reynolds on Mexico Transgender Center

For anyone who has ever though about or been interested in plastic or cosmetic surgery then your search is over. Dr. Ivan and his surgical team is the best in the world. I am not going to lie, I was so scared to fly to Mexico (of all places) to receive my first surgery in June 2018. I had twelve point of Liposuction which included my:

full torso
full Back
both upper arms
and both upper legs

I was so scared and crying as I went to the back to be prepared for surgery. Dr. Mendez was so sweet as he rubbed my hair, kissed my check and told me that “nothing bad was going to happen, he was there only for me, and that he will give his life to protect mine under his care.” However, before any of that happened I had met my first angel of the trip, her name was Yuni. She pick my partner and I up from the airport and tended to every one of our needs from:

Checking into the hotel
Taking us Grocery Shopping
Explaining the do’s and don’ts on how to survive in Mexico
Driving us to appointments/ surgery

Most important getting to know us and treating us like we where the most important thing in her world. Surgery went very well, I had never felt more loved. Yuni and Angelica stayed with me the first couple of days. One day 7 I had a bit of a bad day. Yuni was only suppose to check on me two times a day at that point however she came bay and checked on me four times a day. NO one asked her to do that and she was not paid to do it.

This is an example of the extreme love that she has for the people she is responsible for their care. With all good stories there has to be the bad. While I was in surgery my partner had received second degree burns to both feet. When Dr. Mendez can to the room, Yuni asked the good Doctor to look at my partners feet. He spent thirty minutes with two nurses fixing the injury to both of her feet. I asked them to please put it on my bill. He said, “No- I will not I am happy to take care your partners foot as I truly care for both of you.” I never received one charge for the service.

I have just returned home from over a month under the care of Dr. Ivan, Mendez, Christian, and of course my adopted sister Yuni. (May 15- June 4, 2019)I underwent several surgeries. The first day I underwent Gender Reassignment Surgery (MTF) and a Breast Job. I was sure that both of these surgeries were going to be very hard to recover from.

However; with the combined effort of all the prementioned team members there was only discomfort; as they guided me through recovery at a pace designed specifically to met my individual needs. recovery went so well that I was able to get out and see some of Guadalajara. I even got assistance from Yuni when planning trips to places. She was an angel. The recovery plan worked so well that I was able to undergo my second set of surgeries 4 days early. I the received liposuction of the upper arms (followed by skin reduction) and the neck, tracheotomy scrape, chin implant, neck lift, rhinoplasty, full face lift, and hair line reduction surgery.

By following the direction of the surgical and recovery team to the exact letter my recovery was incredible easy and comfortable. This was made possible as the entire team consults to design a recovery plan based on best results while meeting the individual need of the particular patient.

Again the surgeons did and amazing job, followed up by the best after care I have every received. I will only go to the surgeons and recommend them to anyone considering any type of surgery. However, make sure that you ask for the super star of the whole production Eunice Cruz (Yuni) the angel that will make you feel like family.