Dr. Aguilar is the only surgeon in Latin America who offers Nullification surgery, is well known Male to Nullo or Female to Nullo is a present issue all over the world, offers a more conservative surgical approach than the standard SRS, this kind of surgery is focused in provide Nullo sexual internal and external genitalia, providing the patient an external appearance of Nullo patient, nor penis or vagina.

What makes Nullification SRS Procedure different from the standard SRS in the case of male to Nullo, is that it does not include the creation of a vaginal canal so there will be no functional depth for penile penetration, include the testis removal and the highly reconstructive procedure to reroute the urethra.

The female to Nullo, Lower Surgery we perform, includes ovary removal along with Hysterectomy, vaginal or laparoscopic, and Vaginectomy to achieve the proper Nullo results. We also offer Top Surgery, including bilateral mastectomy in case the patient wish to not have breast.

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