4 Facts About Trans Kaleidoscope Flag

Learn more about Trans Kaleidoscope Flag with these 4 fast facts:

1.- In 2014 a new transgender flag known as the “Trans Kaleidoscope” was created by members of the Toronto Trans Alliance (TTA).

2.- It was raised at the first Transgender Day of Remembrance ceremony at Toronto City Hall on 20 November 2014.

3.- It was selected by TTA member for this occasion, via a vote, over Monica Helms’ Transgender Pride flag and Michelle Lindsay’s Trans Flag.

4.- The graded colours represent the range of gender identities across the spectrum with individual colours representing:

  • Pink: women/femaleness
  • Purple: those who feel their gender identity is a combination of male and female
  • Green: those who feel their gender identity is neither male nor female
  • Blue: men/maleness

The yellow circle represents those who are intersex.

The new white symbol with a black border is an extension of the Trans symbol with the male and female symbols, a combined symbol representing those with a gender identity combining male and female and a plain pole (with neither arrow nor bar) representing those with a gender identity that is neither male nor female, embodying awareness and inclusion of all.

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